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One of Washington State's Leading Criminal Defense Attorneys on Sex Offense Charges

Located in Tacoma, Washington, the Law Offices of Donald W. Winskill, practices solely in criminal defense law. Prior to working as a defense attorney, Mr. Winskill spent four years working at the prosecutor's office assigned to the Sex Offense Unit.

From 1979 until 1983, as one of only two prosecutors in Pierce County assigned to prosecute those persons charged with sex crimes Mr. Winskill received extensive experience in this area of expertise, tried numerous cases to courts and juries, and became well acquainted with forensic experts throughout the region. Many of Mr. Winskill's cases were highly publicized and he had an excellent trial record.

When entering private practice in 1983, Mr. Winskill took with him the specialized knowledge of the law and legal procedures acquired during his tenure with the Sex Offense Unit and has used his knowledge over the years in his defense of clients charged with sex crimes.

In the 25 years as a criminal defense attorney Donald W. Winskill has developed a reputation throughout the region as one of the leading lawyers in sex offense cases. Many of his cases have been highly publicized both locally and nationally and he has been asked to speak to groups on the subject of sex crime defense.

If you are accused of a child sex offense by anyone, do not talk to police, child protective services or even a pastor or therapist without first speaking to a lawyer. The law requires that they report your statements to the legal authorities. For a free initial consultation, contact my office immediately.

Highly Competent Defense for all Types of Sex Offenses

The Law Offices of Donald W. Winskill works with a criminal defense team consisting of investigators, medical and psychological experts, and leading forensic experts in preparation for cases. The law firm utilizes experts tailored to the clients' needs in the following types of cases:

Conviction for a Sex Crime Can Lead to Public Humiliation, Loss of Job and Eviction Through Sex Offender Registration

In Washington State, conviction for any sex crime requires registration as a sex offender. This information is publicly posted on the Internet and can lead not only to humiliation, but to loss of job and even eviction by a landlord that checks this Internet site.

With almost 30 years of criminal law experience in the area of sex crimes, Mr. Winskill has the knowledge to represent all clients aggressively. As a lawyer and advocate, his ultimate goal is always dismissal. When that is not possible, he works to get the charges reduced to the lowest possible misdemeanor, and just as important, his goal is always to defend against conviction of a sex offense and having to register as a sex offender. The law firm can also assist with professional license suspension or revocation.

Everyone is Entitled to Defend Themselves in Court, Regardless of Charge. I Will Defend You Using Skills Honed in Decades of Criminal Defense Practice.

If you want a respectful and respected attorney defending you, contact the Law Offices of Donald W. Winskill by calling 253-597-8813 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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